whales have arrived in byron bay

whale At Wategoes Beach Byron Bay

whale swimming out from little wategoes beach, byron bay 2011

this mama whale and calf footage is amazing, enjoy : )

The migratory path of Australia’s east coast Humpback whales brings them so close to Byron Bay that they are often sighted within   meters  off Cape Byron. . yey!!!

The beginning of the northern migration of the humpback whales is under way, with regular pods being sighted below the Cape Byron Lighthouse, one of Australia’s premier land-based vantage points, in the last few weeks.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Byron Coast Area Manager Sue Walker said the recent whale sightings mark the beginning of one of nature’s great annual migrations.

“The east coast humpback whale population, estimated at approximately 15,000, travel from Antarctica up the east coast of Australia to their breeding grounds in the warmer Coral Seas,” she said.



cape Byron Whale Watching place

my favoritist place in the world…..little wategoes beach, byron bay


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